Reviews from parents-to-be and participants of the Peace of Mind Initiative corporate partnership

“It is really nice to work for an organization that is continually evolving and improving to support the needs of working moms.  Huge perk that I did not know about is the reimbursement of Milk Stork.  Game changer!”


“How awesome to get an expert resource to help us with tips for better preparing and also returning to work.”


“This is a must. I think it is necessary to keep a program like this on the calendar. Thank you for your hard work in getting this set up!”

“I really liked this program and thought it was very very helpful. It's difficult at first to figure out how and when to start planning for a baby, but the program provided a great starting point and so many great resources!”

"I feel less stressed and more excited than ever after having completed this program. Thankful to work for a company that gets it."