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Perspective for Employers: This is NOT a Fire Drill

During a fire drill one of the most important roles any business owner has is to make sure everyone is out of the building. After confirmation that everyone is accounted for and the process was done within the outlined code, it is then deemed safe for everyone to get back to work.

A quick moment of pause, then a return to normal.

We are in the process of experiencing the longest fire drill many business leaders and companies have ever gone through. Our employees have been asked to leave the building, but while they are gone what is happening?

Have you simply turned off the lights and will just turn them back on when they come back?

This forced departure from normal business is giving the best leaders a much-needed respite from the hectic daily work. Top leaders and C-level executives are doing what others aren’t. They are looking at and reviewing every aspect of their company. Determining if they are just going to “get back to normal”when allowed, or if they will use this time to create a visionary new normal. One they may have never had the time to create had this moment not happened.

What if after the fire drill, somehow you had been able to make dynamic changes to company culture? What if in this moment of pause you were able to add new initiatives, or programs to enhance the lives of your employees?

To make life and work better for them. To show them how much they matter to your success.

What will your employees come back to? Are they simply walking back in after a prolonged fire drill, turning their computers back on and getting back to work?

Or, as the leader, are you using this time to not only survive, but hear from your employees what they need in order to thrive? To feel respected and important for not only what they do, but who they are.

Knowing that nothing will be the same when we can return to work, why would you let your company be the same than it was before this all happened?

Bring them back to a new vision. A new day. A new experience of what it means to be an employee at your company.

Make this the fire drill that changed the way you treat your employees and create a new dynamic that they will be inspired to walk back into.

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