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How to Keep Your Kids Busy During the Coronavirus Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted everyday life in countless ways. It’s important that we all do our part to practice social distancing and control the spread of COVID-19, but if you’re stuck at home with your kids, there’s a good chance you’re running out of ways to keep them occupied. Even if you can’t drop your kids off at school or visit your neighborhood playground, you can still keep your kids busy with some entertaining and educational activities at home!

Read on to learn how you can help your kids stay safe and engaged until the lockdown is lifted.

Fun Activities to Fill Your Day

Whether you’re dealing with toddlers or teens, there are endless ways to entertain your kids at

home. You just have to get creative! These great activity ideas should occupy your children for


  • Do your kids love puzzles? Add some variety to their puzzle play to challenge those young minds and enhance the learning experience.

  • Pick out a fun movie and treat your kids to an afternoon matinee. If you like, you could even make it educational!

  • Find creative ways to use furniture, blankets, pillows, clotheslines, twinkle lights, and other items from around the house to build a cozy fort with your kids.

  • Get your kids moving by setting up an obstacle course in your home or backyard. Bonus points if you try it out yourself!

  • Encourage your kids to write letters to their friends and distant family members to stay in touch and practice their penmanship skills.

Educational Hobbies to Teach Your Kids

Hobbies that are entertaining and educational will keep your kids occupied day in and day out.

Encourage your children to learn some new skills and pursue their creative passions.

  • Cooking is an incredibly valuable life skill that will benefit your kids for the rest of their lives, so don’t pass up the chance to bond over some kitchen fun.

  • Kids of all ages can learn a lot from painting. Not only does painting teach hand-eye coordination, but it also encourages creativity and emotional development.

  • Children who love to sketch and tell stories make great comic book artists. Help your child channel those skills into fun comic strips!

  • Knitting can be a fun and fulfilling pastime for anyone. If your children are interested, help them get started with some easy projects.

Child Safety in the Home

Even if you’re working from home right now, it’s hard to supervise your children every hour of

the day. Keep your kids safe from household hazards and ensure they know how to handle

different emergency situations in the home.

  • Learn how to keep your kids safe if you have to leave them at home unsupervised; age dependent, of course.

  • If you're away at work for several hours of the day, consider installing a home-monitoring system so you can keep an eye on things from the office.

  • Take an online first aid class with your kids so you all know what to do in the event of a household accident or medical emergency.

  • Talk to your tweens and teens about safety in the cyberworld so they can avoid online threats while browsing social media, texting, and online gaming.

  • This is a great time to create a family emergency plan. Whether it’s an earthquake or global pandemic, you never know when the next disaster will strike.

None of us were prepared to weather coronavirus closures and the subsequent days stuck inside with our kids. Fun activities, learning opportunities, and mentally stimulating games will keep you all sane during this difficult time. Most importantly, try to have some fun yourself!

This is an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with your little ones and make lasting memories together.

Content contributed by: Derek Cannon, Hobby Jr.,

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