Kimmie Johnson 

Mom Whisperer - COO

Kimmie Headshot.jpg

Kimmie Johnson is a certified maternity consultant and a co-creator of the Peace of Mind Initiative. After returning to work following the birth of her first child, she experienced the glaring gap between the amount of support that new working moms deserve, and what they actually receive. Through her own experiences and in witnessing those around her, she quickly learned she wasn't alone and wanted to be a part of the change.


Kimmie has spent years supporting new moms and moms-to-be in preparing for this huge transition. Often referred to as a "Mom Whisperer", Kimmie loves helping new moms adjust their lens, to focus on the things they can control, embrace change and find their confidence in this new role.

Kimmie lives in Cleveland, OH, with her husband and two kiddos. In her down time, she loves to cook, travel and experience life with her favorites.